The team

Our employees are committed to guarantee you the best service.

Under the motto 'small is beautiful' our employees have the gift of handling several tasks simultaneously. As a family company dealing respectfully with one another is very important.

Get to know better our team.

Armand Rudolf von Rohr
CEO /Owner

Marion Rudolf von Rohr

Fabienne E. Marti
COO / Marketing & Events

Arianna Faoro
Deputy COO / Administration & Sales

Sandra Hermann
Deputy COO / Administration/Sales & Sales

Marcella Maiese

Ahimara Ortiz Martinez
Head Laundry/Logisitics

Filipe Serafim Texeira
Head of Installation / Logistics

Thanakala Kumarakuruparan  

Sarah Hachen
Logistics/Service Mechanic  

Inci Taskiran  

Petra Wilhelm  
Laundry Treenaps

Jolanda Mandlehr  
Treenaps Production

Nilgün Gühan
Mitarbeiterin Wäscherei/Treenaps