The towel-roll

Industrial hygiene with a future

The use of cotton has many advantages for companies, consumers and the environment. Use of towel-rolls provides comfort and is an efficient of hand drying. The rubbing effect additionally removes excess bacteria.

High-quality service

The used towel-rolls are collected by our chauffeurs and replaced with cleaned ones. The towel-rolls are then washed in our laundry facility. After 100 washings the towel-rolls are then sold as cleaning rags. The hygiene of our towel-rolls is tested every three months and is according to ISO standards.

Hygiene test results

Insexpensiv and still hygenic

Paper towels destroy trees and cause mountains of waste. Hand dryers are neither hygienic nor environmentally friendly and also very loud.

A study by the University of Helsinki (ETSA) has shown that the towel-rolls may be the most efficient and hygienic way of drying your hands.

ETSA study

With our RVR Maxi towel-rolls you can reduce your operating costs up to 60%.

Reduce operating costs

The towel-roll becomes a tree

Together with our customers we were able to create as sustainable business model that works. By choosing RVR-CFC you are consciously investing in the environment whilst receiving a high-quality hand drying system in your washroom, without paying more! Future generations will be grateful.

RVR-CFC concept