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RVR-CFC towel-roll systems guarantee highest comfort and quality, whilst contributing to our environment. By using our towel-roll systems, you automatically support our RVR-CFC Concept: per 100 washings 1 tree is planted and help mitigate excess CO₂ from the atmosphere.

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„Tree to Tree“ – a new RVR-CFC product is born that revolutionizes the corporate hygiene market. With “treenaps” and “treerolls” tree fibres are used instead of cotton, which have a measurable and consequential impact on the life cycle of RVR-CFC’s core product: towel rolls and treenaps.

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Customers appreciate our personal and straightforward manner. As a family we sit on reliability, personal processes and long-term partnerships

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Product launch „Treenaps“ 11th Environmental Day 2017

RVR-CFC concept

RVR-CFC provides an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to paper napkins and hand dryers. Our towel rolls are made from 100% cotton and not only provide an efficient hand drying method, but the rubbing effect helps eliminate remaining germs.

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