"Tree to Tree" - a new RVR-CFC product is born that revolutionizes the corporate hygiene market. With "treenaps" and "treerolls" tree fibres are used instead of cotton, which have measurable and consequential impact on the life cycle of    RVR-CFC`s core product: towel rolls and treenaps.

Our Treenaps





Towel-roll cabinets

State of the art, elegant and user-friendly! A promising alternative to wastful paper towels.

Our towel-roll cabinets

Soap dispensers

RVR-CFC offers a moisturizing, skin-friendly, soap and foam program. Our dispenser systems are user-friendly, extremely durable and attractive in design.

Our soap dispensers

Air fresheners

Air fresheners are available in different fragrances and refresh your washrooms.

Our air fresheners

Women's hygiene

Complete service for any size washroom. Ladybins are replaced and cleaned by our staff. Available in different sizes and colors. Our ladybins ensure cleanliness and safety.

Our ladybins


To keep out unwanted dirt and moisture (especially in the winter months), our mats guarantee high absorbency in lavish design. Your interiors and floors will remain clean and wet floors avoided.

Our mats


Our product line includes refill products (towel-rolls, soap, etc.).