Women's hygiene

Complete service for any size washroom. Ladybins are replaced and cleaned by our staff. Available in different sizes (from 6 to 23 liters) and colors. To ensure cleanliness and safety, we are also offering non-touch ladybins.

Lady bin

Sanitary bag holder


Capacity: 23l
Versions: ABS white, ABS black-grey
Art. N°: 4110003, 4110010

Specifications (German)


Capacity: 18l
Versions: ABS white
Art. N°: 4110006

Specifications (German)
Le Prestige

Le Prestige

Filling type: cartridge with 25 bags
Versions: ABS white, ABS chrome, stainless steel
Art. N°: 4110015, 4110013, 4110016