RVR-CFC Concept

Since 2009 the RVR-CFC Concept is an internationally registered brand and an easily implementable and sustainable business model.

Through the RVR-CFC Concept, we have planted over 55’000 trees and have mitigated 23’100 tons of CO₂.

Our Target: to mitigate 1 billion tonnes of excess CO₂ from the atmosphere by 2050.

Added values:

1. Lowering corporate costs (up to 60%)

2. Environmentally-friendly
Cotton rolls are sustainable and thereby help preserve the environment.

3. Future generations. 
Each cotton roll is washed and per 100 washings one tree is planted.

Curious? Please do not hesitate to contact our RVR-CFC team.

With RVR-CFC you invest in the future!

Our Customers

„Everything starts with a decision.“

Integra Ecoplus

Towel-roll cabinets that lower corporate costs with towel-rolls.

Cotton Ecoplus

Reusable towel-rolls made of sustainable cotton. 

Revol Ecoplus

Energy efficient wash system (water and steam re-usage with “Aqua Minergy concept” + 100 = 1. For every 100 washings a tree is planted.


Each client yearly receives a certificate confirming the number of trees that were generated through their washings and how much CO₂ can thus be mitigated in the future.


Increase in biodiversity through regional and international reforestation by Clean Forest Club.

Ecology and Economy

Providing clients (namely facility management) with further education in ecology and the benefits of sustainable business model such as the RVR-CFC Concept.

Clean Forest Parks

Educational trail within a forest explaining how oxygen, water, plants, animals and the economy interact and intertwine.

3 important forest facts

Factor 1: CO2 capture and resource management

Factor 2: oxygen through photosynthesis

Factor 3: drinking water production through forests