Our newest innovation

Our newest innovation presented at this year’s environmental day is now available on the market. The treenaps or “tree fibre towels” are devised in a manner that existing paper dispensers can be used. Should you however wish to acquire a new dispensers, RVR will provide you with the appropriate dispenser, guaranteed to last 10 years.

Allow us to present you with a few facts:

Clean Product
6 years warranty: 1 treenaps = 300 hand dryings
10 years warranty for treenap dispensers
Use of existing dispenser – in house or external washing

Clean Road
Short distances
Per 50 km = 1 tree

Clean Forest
300 washed treenaps = 1 tree
1 million lavatory visits = 333 hectares of new forests according to REDD+ criteria

Treenap Cabinet

Treenap: Standardwidth

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