Test run – abonnement

Try each RVR product for 3 months

Test run fee per dispenser system for the duration of the test run (e.g. fixed amount per towel dispenser, per 3 months. Offsetting at the end of the test run) Refill material (rolls of cloth, soap) are billed at a fixed price at the end of the test run (after 3 months).

What happens at the end of the test run?

At the end of the three-month test run, a service subscription can be taken out for the product. The test run fee will be refunded, the refill material will be charged at the predefined fixed price. If there is no longer any interest after the test run, the dispenser systems will be dismantled and the test run fee and the required refill material will be charged.

  • 1. Please select the product for your three-month test run.

  • 2. Now we need some personal information.