100 cloth roll washes = 1 tree planting

Act sustainably and benefit from it

Our concept, which has been internationally registered since 2009, is unique in its form and acts as a pioneer for the economic norm of the future. So far, we have already been able to bind 23,380 t of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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RVR-CFC Concept

With us you invest in a sustainable future

All of our commercial products meet the highest quality standards in service and design. Efficient, economical and compatible in refills. We guarantee 1 tree planting for every 100 rolls of fabric washed.

Our RVR environmental courier delivers throughout Switzerland

Our goal is to capture over 1 billion tons of excess CO2 from the atmosphere by 2050.

1. Winners are our customers
You lower your operating costs.

2. Nature has won
You lower your operating costs. By using cloth instead of paper to dry hands, cellulose is saved, which contributes to the preservation of forests.

3. The winners are the following generations
Each roll of cloth washing contributes to tree planting. In cooperation with the Clean Forest Club, founded in 2007, reforestation is made possible in storm-damaged areas. Since 2004, RVR has regularly confirmed the washing and tree planting of its fabric roll customers with an eco-certificate.

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With us you invest in
a sustainable future.

Unser Kunde

Our customer

Everything starts with the decision.


Integra eco-plus

Operating cost-reducing hand drying system with sustainable fabric rolls.

Baumwolle Ökoplus

Cotton eco-plus

Reusable rolls of fabric made from sustainable cotton.

Revol Ökoplus

Revol eco-plus

Washing system with energy recovery: Aqua-Minergie concept for every 100 washes, a young tree is planted


Eco certificate

Confirmation and listing of the tree plantings carried out with current proof of CO2 binding


Tree planting

Biomass promotion through regional and international reforestation with the Clean Forest Club

Ökologie und Wirtschaft

Ecology and economy

Natural further education facility management with seminars and handover of certificates

Clean Forest Parks

Clean Forest Parks

Educational trail in the forest: information about the interaction of oxygen, water, plants, animals, economy

Wichtige Waldfaktoren

3 important forest factors

CO2 binding and raw material replication, oxygen production through photosynthesis, drinking water production via forest soil

Together we already have

23,380 tons of CO2

can bind from the atmosphere.
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